Three Loveland CO Restaurants That Offer The Best Dining Experiences

Loveland is one of those great cities in Colorado to visit. It features a great scene with plenty of things to do and great restaurants. It is also only 46 miles from Denver. So you can spend some time in a different area of Colorado and still easily expand your vacation into Denver if you want to go there, too. For now, let’s spend time focusing on your exciting trip to Loveland. I’m going to show you three restaurants in Loveland CO that will help you with the planning.

Henry’s Pub is located on East 4th Street, and some of the menu items include bangers and mash, steak medallions, fish and chips and more. The menu highlights also mention a sourdough burger, which sounds delicious. Reviewers say that the place is located downtown, so that sounds really cool. Let’s get to looking at another top restaurant in Loveland, Colorado.

Cafe Athens is on Sky Pond Drive, and it looks like a rather large establishment. Cafe Athens serves up baklava, gyros, Greek salads and much more. One person calls it a hidden treasure, and he goes on to make a case for it literally because this restaurant is located inside a mall. So you can get some shopping done before or after your dining experience in Loveland.

Wapiti Colorado Pub is located on Clubhouse Drive, and the place serves up sweet potato fries, bison burgers, nachos, egg rolls and more. One of the reviewers talks about a view of Devil’s Backbone, and that sounds interesting. You will have many great dining experiences in Loveland CO if you have the time. How long do you plan to be in the city? Loveland, its great attractions, restaurants and more await you, and you just need to get down to planning that vacation.

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