Feds Come to Colorado Springs to Talk Pot with City Leaders

Colo. Springs, CO – A meeting between the Mayor of Colorado Springs, the City’s police chief and the feds is causing controversy.

The focus of Wednesday’s meeting: Marijuana.

The meeting include someone from the Department of Justice and from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Mayor John Suthers said.

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council is speaking out about the meeting.

According to the council, under a new law, cities get more money from working with the federal government on drug busts rather than prosecuting people under state law.

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council released a statement, saying in part, “We have received word and believe that these meetings are about circumventing state law because of this revenue difference. This is unacceptable and can not move forward.”

However, Mayor Suthers said forfeiture did not come up in the meeting.

Instead, most of the discussion centered around the huge black market that exists in Colorado Springs and El Paso County, Suthers said.

Mayor Suthers also mentioned the meeting couldn’t be public because a lot of it was about sensitive investigations.

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council is calling for the contents of Wednesday’s meeting to be made public, immediately.

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